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Episode 9: A Name From the Past (Blood, Gold, & Chrome)

The team comes across a familiar (to some) name, and have a tense meeting.


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Episode 8: Puppet and a Bowling Ball (Blood, Gold, & Chrome)

New additions to the team, some banter, and a job that requires discretion.


Also, we have intro/outro music now!

And, another RPG project is on its way; In the grim darkness of the <whenever it comes out>, there is only [REDACTED BY ORDER OF THE HOLY INQUISITION]. =][=

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Episode 7: A Job Well? Done (Blood, Gold, & Chrome)

The team finds an unlikely boon to complete the job, and infiltrate the Genesis Consortium building.


Episode 6: Garbage Day (Blood, Gold, & Chrome)

In which the team decides their infiltration route and run into some people who aren't who they say they are. How rude. Don't they know it is really mean to lie to people?


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Episode 5: Shanghai Noon (Blood, Gold, & Chrome)

The team executes part one of the plan, or part two of legwork. It depends on your point of view. It's a day on the lake, but there is very little relaxing as the team gathers more information about the run.


BG&C Update: We’re not dead!

It's been a while and I didn't want to leave you guys hanging. We are producing more content, and we've added two new players to the mix as well. There's some exciting stuff coming, so be patient!


Episode 4: Genesis (Blood, Gold, and Chrome)

The team gets their next job, do some preliminary legwork, and begin formulating a fact-finding mission. 


Episode 3: Honor Among Thieves (Blood, Gold, and Chrome)

The gang tracks down the rival runners, roughs one of them up, and moves to intercept the meeting.



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Episode 2: Checkers (Blood, Gold, and Chrome)

The team formulates a plan, and tracks down one of their only leads. Things seem too simple, but are they?



Episode 1: End of the Line (Blood, Gold, and Chrome)

In this first short episode, we are introduced to a trio of Shadowrunners in the Phoenix Metroplex Sprawl. They are:

  • Light-Eyed-Doe (aka L.E.D.), a technomancer
  • Chuy, a mage of the Aztec tradition
  • Joe, an enigmatic and silent street cowboy with a cybernetic arm

They're given a simple task. But will it really be all that simple? The shadows hold many secrets, and not even the hot desert sun can dispel the umbrage of organized crime, corporate warfare, and political black-ops that spill the blood and fill the bank accounts of Shadowrunners around the globe. Welcome, to Blood, Gold, and Chrome.


This episode is a bit shorter than I would normally like to release, but I'm so excited to share this with you guys. Lots of exciting stuff is on the way!

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